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  Customer satisfaction is our No. 1 priority.


Our Managing Director - Tony Chaperlin

Tony Chaperlin

  1. Tony Chaperlin - Our Managing DirectorCustomer satisfaction is my priority – if the customer is satisfied we must be doing things right.
  2. Value staff. My company is only as good as my front line staff [the cleaners]. I value their importance; their performance reflects the company’s image and reputation. They receive the best possible training, terms and conditions. I want the staff to be satisfied as well as the customer, the two are intrinsically linked.
  3. It is important to generate new business because a narrow customer base makes a company vulnerable, but it is even more important to retain existing customers.
  4. In the real world problems do occur, it is important to recognise them and rectify them quickly and effectively.
  5. Successful management is about having the knowledge of developments, to keep improving, even when everything seems to be working perfectly.
  6. Success is profit not turnover.
  7. There is a very good reason for doing things properly; it actually makes the job easier, and eventually quicker.
  8. By identifying our core activity we focus on what we do best ― Office Cleaning. Dividing resources in too many directions risks not succeeding.
  9. Expansion should be at a manageable pace. Over stretching resources will result in failure.
  10. We learn by listening, not talking.

Outside of the business I am honoured to be an Ambassador for the British Forces Foundation charity which the company supports. I have a passionate interest in the City of London and as a Liveryman and Freeman actively participate in its activities.

We know that invariably the bottom line is price.
So lets go straight to the bottom line.

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