Daily Office Cleaning

Daily office cleaning serviceDaily office cleaning makes bottom line sense...

In business, we all know that first impressions count! When visitors arrive in your office for the first time, it's cleanliness will impact the image that they form in their mind. Your office should be dressed for success! 

It's also a well known fact that people work best in a clean and tidy environment. A clean office also influences office staff recruitment and retention. This can be equally true for customer retention. This is why daily office cleaning makes bottom line economic sense. 

We cover all aspects of daily office cleaning.

At Office Cleaning 4U, we cover all aspects of daily office cleaning. Our office cleaning services go far beyond just a quick vacuum. Unless of course that is all you are looking for...

Our daily office cleaning services include but are not limited to:

Monitored daily office cleaning...

As the saying goes "What is measured can be improved!" Our management team, at Office Cleaning 4U, understand this from the top down. From the outset, we agree KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) and ensure these are met on a daily basis. 

Before agreeing the KPI's with you, we'll get to know your office, as no two office's are the same. This is in terms of the level of use in the various areas and what they are used for. Once we know your office as you do, we'll develop a daily office cleaning programme to suit it. Paying extra attention to heavily used areas. 

Cut down your carpet cleaning and replacement costs...

At Office Cleaning 4U, we understand that our daily vacuuming service is one of the most effective ways to reduce the frequency of the need to have your carpets cleaned. By vacuuming your carpets on a daily basis, you can prevent the dirt from being grounded into your carpets. It can also keep the life in your carpets pile for longer, preventing them from becoming flattened. There are also the health benefits to consider, from the build up of dust mites, especially to those with Asthma. This is over and above the visual benefits to the naked eye.

In turn this can pro-long the life of your carpets, helping to keep down the costs of replacing them so often.

Organise your daily office cleaning...

Our office cleaning staff, at Office Cleaning 4U, are professional, friendly and standing by to assist you. We are a reputable commercial office cleaning company.

For daily office cleaning London call 0207 515 8740. For daily office cleaning Surrey call 01 306 740 511.

Alternatively use our call back service to organise a daily office cleaning quote.