Office Ceiling Cleaning

Office cleaning services - Ceiling cleaning

We provide various levels of office ceiling cleaning, as part of our office cleaning services, according to our clients requirements.

Standard Office Ceiling Clean: The office ceiling is chemically cleaned in situ, including air vents. This is a damp micro fibre process which does not drip or splash.

Deep Office Ceiling clean: The office ceiling tiles are removed, no more than 3 or 4 at a time, fibre insulation removed if present and dusted, tiles individually hand washed both sides, buff dried, insulation reinstated, tile reinstated. Tiles that contain light fittings or fire detectors, CCTV cameras or any others device, or fixed, are not removed and cleaned in situ.

Office Light fitting clean: can be cleaned in situ as an additional service for both standard and deep office ceiling cleans.

For practical and safety purposes Ceiling Cleaning is usually carried out evenings, night time, weekends, when premises are unoccupied.

Fully insured. We are specialists in office ceiling cleaning...